Lyxor Portfolio Strategy UCITS ETF - I-EUR

Latest NAV
130.9953 CHF
Performance YTD


Assets Under Management
152m CHF
Dividend Policy
Investment Objective

The Lyxor Portfolio Strategy UCITS ETF und-of- funds combines the advantages of competitively priced, passively managed ETFs with the broad diversification of fund-of- funds. The fund invests in the three asset classes: equity, fixed income and commodities. The aim of this multi- asset strategy is to achieve a long-term growth by a broad diversification of asset classes, geographic regions, sectors and currencies. As the Lyxor Portfolio Strategy UCITS ETF invests in a number of ETFs which are already diversified, the fund-of- funds achieves an even higher diversification of its investment. The equity exposure stands at 60% and includes both developed and emerging markets. The fixed income exposure stands at 30% and contains a number of sovereign bonds and covered bonds. The commodity exposure stands at 10% and is represented by a basket of 12 commodity futures. The weight of 60%/30%/10% is rebalanced once a year to its original allocation. Moreover, an extraordinary rebalancing takes place if the equity quota deviates from the initial asset allocation by more than five percentage points.


Lyxor Portfolio Strategy UCITS ETF - I-EUR


Performance history


The figures relating to [past performances / simulated past performances / past performances and simulated past performances] refer or relate to past periods and are not a reliable indicator of future results. This also applies to historical market data.

Product 1Y 3Y 5Y
Lyxor Portfolio Strategy UCITS ETF - I-EUR -18.45% -1.34% 0.41%
Data as of 28/09/2022, Source: Lyxor International Asset Management
Product YTD 1M 3M 1Y 3Y 5Y 10Y ALL
Lyxor Portfolio Strategy UCITS ETF - I-EUR -17.15% -7.88% -8.18% -18.45% -3.97% 2.09% - 4.41%
Data as of 28/09/2022, Source: Lyxor International Asset Management
Product 2021 2020 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012
Lyxor Portfolio Strategy UCITS ETF - I-EUR 9.39% 2.9% 15.04% -9.34% - - - - - -
Data as of 28/09/2022, Source: Lyxor International Asset Management

NAV History

Date NAV Currency Fund AUM
28/09/2022 130.9953 CHF 152m CHF
27/09/2022 131.2201 CHF 152m CHF
26/09/2022 131.9296 CHF 153m CHF
23/09/2022 132.4513 CHF 153m CHF
21/09/2022 134.911 CHF 156m CHF

Dividend History

Date Amount Currency
04/11/2020 1.55 EUR
28/10/2019 0.42 EUR
29/10/2018 0.72 EUR


A this ETF is a fund-of-fund, no underlying benchmark information is available


Main Fund Characteristics

Share Class Currency EUR
Assets Under Management 151.7m CHF
Total Expense Ratio 0.45%
Dividend Treatment Distribution
Tax data (PEA) No
EU-SD Status Out of Scope
Fund Type German Sondervermögen
Domicile Germany
Replication Method Direct (Physical)
Sampling No
Securities Lending No
Umbrella AUM 189.1m CHF
Portfolio Managers Lyxor Frankfurt
Financial Year End 30/09/2022
Inception Date 12/04/2016
Minimum Investment 1 Share
SFDR Classification 6

DISCLAIMER: This fund includes a risk of capital loss. Investors therefore may not recover all or part of their initial investment. The redemption value of this fund may be less than the amount initially invested. In a worst case scenario, investors could sustain the loss of their entire investment. Be sure to read carefully the Key Investor Information document, and the “risk factors” section of a fund’s performance to better understand the risks involved.

Trading Information

Exchange Ticker Bloomberg Listing Currency Currency Hedged Listing Date Dividend Policy ADV 3M ISIN Fund AUM in CCY
SIX Swiss Ex CBVS SW CHF - 30/08/2017 Distribution - DE000ETF7011 152m CHF
SIX Swiss Ex CBVSEU SW EUR - 30/08/2017 Distribution - DE000ETF7011 161m EUR
Xetra F701 GY EUR - 27/04/2016 Distribution - DE000ETF7011 161m EUR
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Market Makers

Flow Traders
Société Générale
Data provided by relevant exchanges

Passporting Information

Data as of 28/09/2022, Source: Lyxor International Asset Management



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Notice to Shareholders Merge of BNP Paribas Securities Services S.C.A into BNP Paribas S.A

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Notice to Shareholders Name Change of the Management Company - Lyx 1 & Lyx Portfolio Strategy

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Notice to Shareholders

Notice to Shareholders Anteilinhaber der Teilfonds der Umbrella-Konstruktion

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